Planning Ahead

There are many good reasons to plan ahead. Some plan ahead because there will be no one who is capable of making responsible decisions. Others have a definite preference concerning their funeral service, and they want their families to be informed and involved in those decisions.

Many people pre-arrange because they like the peace of mind knowing there will be adequate funds to cover funeral expenses. Most importantly, pre-arrangement guarantees that rational decisions can be made ahead of time without the usual urgencies when death takes place.

What steps are involved?
  • After you determine your funeral preferences, we will explain your options and guide you in establishing your own plans.
  • You should find the advice of your family, clergy, and your funeral director especially helpful when considering the options.
  • We will record certain vital information and gather documents for the required forms.
  • Next, you can select a casket, burial vault, and other merchandise associated with the services.
  • Finally, you may pay for the services and merchandise ahead of time through our funding program.

How Can I Begin The Pre-arrangement Process?

Just call us to set up an appointment, or you may fill out our on-line form to begin the process.

Our phone number is (201) 455-8228 or email: